Sunday, 29 July 2012

For Te Wiki o te Reo Maori, Room 2 worked on reading and retelling the myth of Maui and the Sun.  Enjoy reading some of them here:

 Maui Slows the Day Down
Once upon a time Maui couldn't go fishing and cook his food because it was too dark.  Maui called his brothers to come.  
He told his brothers, "Help me slow that sun down".
Maui's brothers laughed because they didn't believe him.  Maui's brothers helped to make the harakeke ropes.  Maui and his brothers went to the sun's hole.  
Maui said, "When I count to three, jump out and catch the sun".
"1, 2, 3, Now!" said Maui.  Maui crashed the jawbone on the sun.
He told the sun, "If you don't slow down we won't have enough time".
So the sun slowed down and everybody had heaps of time.

By Ailani

Maui Versus the Sun
The sun went down and Maui couldn't fish.  Maui left with his brothers.  They hid behind the rock so the sun couldn't find them.  
Maui called out "Now!" he said, and his brothers got the ropes around the sun.  
The sun said "Let me go, can't you see I am about to die?" 
Maui said "Let him go, only if you slow down."  
"I will" said the sun, and he promised.

By Filiga

Maui and the Sun
This is a long time ago.  Maui couldn't fish, and he couldn't hunt and eat his food  because the sun was going too fast.  So Maui called his brothers.  
"The sun is going too fast" said Maui," he is speeding across the sky.  The nights are going too long.  We will catch and slow down the sun."
"But how?" said his brothers "he is so big and we are so small."
"We will catch it with Harakeke" said Maui.
So they cut the Harakeke.  When they set off to the hole where the sun stayed and hid.
"Now!" said Maui.  The brothers pulled and pulled.  Maui whacked and whacked.
"Stop!" said the sun, "you are killing me."
Now the sun will go slow.

By Elijah
Maui and the Sun 
There was an old man who was called Maui.  Maui couldn't go fishing and hunting because it was dark.  The sun moved very fast.  Maui said to his brothers his idea. 
"Let's make flax so we can catch the sun."  He hid in the hole.  
Maui said, "Three, two, one go!" and they caught the sun with Maui's magic jaw bone.  
The sun was groaning. 
 Maui said "Let go!" The sun went slow. 

By Hussein